Cortina Mk1 Estate


Cortina gearbox replacement

With the replacement T5 box (ex TVR) we designed a new mounting from box section, cutting out one face to form a C-section so it could slot over the existing floor box sections, which in turn were drilled and strengthened with tubes before bolting in place.


Rear suspension 

Cortina rear suspension and axle modifications

'Tina originally came to us with a simple swing-axle purely designed for the drag strip.

We have fitted Escort rally spec single-leaf springs with adjustable anti-tramp control arms and for now just removed the coils from the coil-overs to use the Gaz shocks. As well as strengthening the chassis mounting areas, heavy-duty shackles we made.

The ride height looked about right at first, but after a few miles for things to settle, it's probably a bit too low at the back, though the sill is parallel to the ground?